Features of MS Excel 2003

MS Excel can be customized in a way that suits a user to achieve his goal. It is extensively used in financial organizations. The features of MS Excel are as follows:

Workbooks: A document in MS Excel is called a workbook. Each workbook contains sixteen worksheets by default. A user can change this number by resetting the default options. Worksheets within workbooks make it easy to bind files of related information. When a user opens a workbook, he can use all the worksheets to perform a task. To create a workbook, a user will have to select the New command from the File menu. To open an existing workbook, a user will have to select the Open option from the File menu. A user can insert a worksheet between two worksheets by choosing the Worksheet option from the Insert menu.

Using keyboard: The following table provides different keyboard shortcuts for selecting a row, column, current cell, worksheet, etc.

To Select Keyboard Shortcuts

Current Cell Enter

Entire Column CTRL+Spacebar

Entire Row hift+Spacebar

Entire Worksheet CTRL+SHIFT+Spacebar

A user can perform various kinds of entries in a cell. He can enter text, number, data, and time in a cell. He can also enter some special characters such as $ % + – / ( ). He can also enter date and time in a cell. He can select different formats for date and time according to his own requirements.

Entering Data in Series: A user can fill a range of cells either with the same value or with the series of values. This can be done using the Autofill handle (small square on the bottom-right corner of the active cell).

Cell References: MS Excel provides three types of cell references: relative, absolute, and mixed. Relative references refer to the cell relative to the given position. Absolute references refer to the specific cell irrespective of the position of the formula. The ‘$’ sign is used to denote an absolute reference. Mixed references are a combination of both relative and absolute references. It has one absolute co-ordinate and one relative co-ordinate. $CI and C$1 are both examples of mixed references.

MS Excel allows fast searching and instant replacing of data. To search or replace the data entered by a user, he can use the Find or Replace command from the Edit menu.

Inserting or Deleting Rows and Columns:

MS Excel provides the facility to insert rows or columns into the existing worksheet. Inserting a row of data shifts the rest of the rows down and removes the last row of the worksheet. Similarly, inserting a column shifts the rest of the columns to the right and deletes the rightmost column. This occurs because the total number of rows and columns remain the same in any case.

MS Excel provides several formatting features that enhance the appearance of the data, which is presented in the worksheets. Some of them are described as follows: MS Excel allows setting up a page before printing. To set up a page, a user will have to open the File menu and click on the Page Setup. The Page Setup dialog box will appear that will allow the user to set the paper size, orientation of the data, scaling of the area, set the left, right, bottom, and top margin, set the header and the footer, etc.

MS Excel provides the autofit selection that adjusts the width of the column according to the widest entry in that column. A user can hide or unhide certain rows or columns. He can also provide the default column standard width.

MS Excel allows a user to align the characters in different ways by using the Alignment tab page of the Format Cells dialog box. The dialog box provides a number of alignment options.

Horizontal Alignment options:

General: The text is left aligned and the numbers are right aligned. This is the default status.

Left: Aligns the contents to the left of the cell.

Center: Aligns the cell contents to the center of the cell.

Right: Aligns the contents to the right of the cell.

Fill: Fills the selected cells with the single character.

Justify: This option is selected with multiple lines of text as it wraps the contents from left to right.

Vertical Alignment options:

Top: Aligns the text at the top of the cell.

Center: Places the text in the center of the cell.

Bottom: Aligns the text on the bottom of the cell.

Justify: Wraps the text from top to bottom.

MS Excel provides a facility of viewing the same worksheet simultaneously in more than one window. This is accomplished by selecting the New Window command in the Windows menu. A user can also create more than one window to arrange the workspace to promptly access the information needed. Using MS Excel, a window can be arranged in different ways by using the Arrange command from the Windows menu.

If a user wants to move between different windows, he can do so by pressing Ctrl+F6 to go to the next window or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F6 to go to the previous window. He can temporarily hide or unhide windows by choosing the Hide command in Window menu to hide the active window or by choosing the Unhide command in the Window menu to unhide the hidden window.

When a user works on a very large worksheet with row and column headings, the row headings scroll off to the left when he moves towards the right. Similarly, when he moves down to see the data, the column headings scroll up. To overcome this problem, he can split the active window into two, with row or column headings in one window and the data on the other window.

Controls: The controls are the special objects, which enhance user interface and facilitate user input. MS Excel provides several custom controls such as list boxes, check boxes, and dialog boxes, etc. A large number of toolbars are found in the View menu. Users can add a toolbar or a number of toolbars into the working document depending upon the work involved and use different controls in their documents.

Functions and formulas: The built-in formulas are called functions. MS Excel provides analyzing data and manipulating text by using different functions. Users can easily calculate percentage, interest, average, etc. by using built-in functions. This can be done either by typing in the function-based formulas or by using function wizards. Formulas are widely used in simple computing (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and advanced computing. They provide the power to analyze data extensively.

Auto-calculation: MS Excel spreadsheet allows a user to automatically recalculate the whole worksheet every time a change is made in a single cell. There are basically two kinds of recalculations.

Automatic: In this type of calculation, the change in the value of the cell automatically recalculates the whole worksheet.

Manual: In this type of calculation, the recalculation of the complete worksheet is performed by pressing the F9 key. This option can be selected on the Calculation tab page of the Options dialog box, which is opened by choosing Options from the Tools menu.

Charts: One of the most important features of MS Excel is a chart. MS Excel allows users to view data entered as tables in a graphical form as charts, which helps a user to easily understand, analyze, and compare data. Excel allows its users to create either two-dimensional charts or three-dimensional charts. A user can enhance the chart by adding chart items, such as data labels, a legend, titles, text, and gridlines. He can also do formatting on these items by using colors, alignment, fonts, and other formatting attributes. MS Excel also allows users to view charts along with the data by using embedded charts. These charts are included in the worksheet and can be copied, moved, and resized in the same way as can be done with any other graphical object.

Database: Data are raw facts, information is processed data, and a database is an organized collection of information. Every organization heavily depends upon databases to store, retrieve, and maintain different kinds of data. MS Excel provides all this in the form of its database feature. In MS Excel, database can be created in two ways:

Enter the data in the form of table in the worksheet.

Use the Data Form command

Records can be inserted, deleted, and sorted by using the Data menu.

With the above-described features of MS Excel, users can perform almost all the operations they want in a very efficient and easy way. Its advanced features have made it the first choice for professionals working in a financial organization to perform their lengthy tasks in an easy way and in a quick manner. Therefore, MS Excel has become the most preferred choice for most of the users as well as professionals throughout the world.

Xbox 360 3RL Repair Guide – Fix the 3RL Error Yourself

Having an Xbox 360 repair guide on hand is important because even the top video console systems have problems from time to time, but what do you do when you have all these problems and really don’t have a ton of money to send your system off and have it fixed. One of the most common issues that gamers worldwide face is the infamous 3 red light error or the ring of death (a common term used by gamers). There is now a new Xbox 360 3rl repair guide that one can use to fix almost any of there 360 console problems.

The main problem with this error is mainly from the manufacturer’s themselves due to soldering connections that were done improperly within the graphics processor unit or GPU. When someone is in play or if the console itself gets moved around, the vibrations from the constant moving causes the weld or solder to loosen up and in return causes the 3rl error. Another common reason for the 3rl error or the red ring of death is a problem within the power supply itself. If the Xbox 360 is kept in a closed up area it will cause the console to overheat resulting in the 3rl error. Last but not least the third problem that leads to the 3rl error or the ring of death is the graphics processor unit or GPU getting to hot.

Another big issue of the Xbox 360 is the developers that made it. The overall design has a lot of flaws so having an Xbox 360 3rl repair guide would be very beneficial. An example of the poor design is because the 360 is so compact there is no room for ventilation which causes the Xbox 360 3rl error and if you are a little technical savvy you will be able to fix the problem. Just take the console apart and remove a few components, like the hard drive and the DVD drive. Take out the heat sink on the GPU; just make sure to be very careful when performing this. Also keep in mind that if you have been playing games up until the 3rl error appeared the heat sink may be pretty hot so handle with care.

You can go to your local electronic store and purchase some thermal paste so that you can apply it to the top of the GPU and then place the heat sink back on top of it. Next place the clamp that is shaped like an X back onto the motherboard, and put back the DVD drive and hard drive back into its proper spot. After all components are placed back into the right spots then you need to place the cover back on and power it on. Most of the time this is all that you need to do, it should power back on. Be sure that you put your power supply and Xbox 360 in a well ventilated area to allow your machine to cool properly. Most of the problems can be eliminated by this one step.

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How to Resolve Outlook OST File Error "File.ost Can Not Be Accessed"

At a work place MS Exchange server and MS Outlook collaboratively provides an efficient e-communication environment. All the mails and other mailbox data gets stored on the MS Exchange server. A unique profile is created on Exchange Server for every user which can be accessed with MS Outlook client. For each profile an ost file is automatically created on the user’s local system which is exact replica of the users mailbox on the Exchange Server. The OST file facilitates the user to work in offline mode, and gets synchronized with the Exchange Server when the internet connection is restored, to reflect the changes in one another.

Here it is to be considered that.ost file can not be accessed with the MS Outlook. When it get synchronizes with the exchange server it automatically gets converted in.pst file that is directly accessible with outlook. But what happen if in any case you can not connect with the Exchange server.

Consider a practical scenario, where you had left your job but have some of your important personal mails and data in the company’s mailbox. But now you do not have permission to access the MS Exchange Server. In such a case when you open MS Outlook and try to access the.ost file it results into the error message

Unable to open your default e-mail folder.

The file C:Documents and Settings/User Name/Local Settings Application

DataMicrosoftOutlookoutlook.ost cannot be accessed. You must connect to your MS Exchange

Server at least once before you can use your offlline folder file.

In this situation you only have the OST file that contains all your mails and data. The only way to access your desired mails and data is to convert the ost file into pst file using a third party ost pst converter, that converts the Otlook ost file into pst file that is accessible with outlook and can be stored on any disk visible to host system.

Convert OST to PST tools are fabricated to convert the damaged or inaccessible Outlook OST to PST file to make then accessible with Outlook. Such tools are very efficient, easy to use and are able to convert all the contents of the ost file (mails, tasks, notes, attachments, calendar entries, journals etc.) into pst file. Using ost to pst conversion tool individual mails can be stored in EML or MSG format. Convert OST to PST software can convert the password protected or encrypted OST file to PST file. Software supports Windows 7, VISTA, XP, 2003 and outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000.

The Acer D2D Erecovery 101

Disclaimer: First of all backup your system before launching you in any hazardous operation, some of the operations to come can cause data loss. Any modification and/or damage done on your laptop will be under your responsibility.

As you know now the Acer laptops and those of other manufacturers are now delivered with a restoration system installed in a hidden partition (PQservice for Acer)on your hard disk. Normally this system launches out while pressing simultaneously keys ALT+F10, but sometimes that does not function.

What’s the problem?

There are many possible causes, but most common are:

A The function D2D was disabled in the bios.

Solution: Enable the function by pressing F2 during the boot to access the bios menu and change the setting, then reboot and press keys ALT+F10 during the starting of the laptop.

Note: For all the following solutions take into account the Max advice, I quote Max now, a contributor in my site «But I want to mention the way I sorted out the thing, because it’s very rarely mentioned on the web. All the methods to repair the D2D Alt+f10 issue are knowledgeable and smart but all of them forget to say a fundamental thing:

first of all you have to rebuild with a partition soft the D:Acerdata FAT32 empty partition that almost everybody deletes cause is usually empty. Simply doing it, everything turned fine and the recovery worked perfectly.»

Yes much of attempts to restore fail because of this condition.

B An other common problem the Acer Master Boot Record (MBR)is damaged, or replaced by the MBR of another system. You can reinstall the Acer MBR if the partition PQservice is present or if you can have access to the necessary files.



On a functional FAT32 Windows system the partition table values are OC or OB for installable FAT32 system files and 12 or 1B for Hidden FAT32 partition, for a NTFS system the known partition table values are O7 for installable NTFS files system and 27 for Acer custom hidden NTFS partition:

1. Go in the bios and disable the D2D recovery option.

2. Download partedit32.

3. Identify the PQservice partition by its size (there is an information box at the bottom of the partedit window) it is the small sized partition approximately 4 to 9 Go.Once made change the type of your partition into 0C(FAT32) or 07(NTFS) and save. Reboot and now you should be able to navigate inside the PQservice partition.

Search for these two files:



(The name of these two files can be different sometimes)

When localized open a command prompt windows as an administrator and enter this command “mbrwrdos.exe install rtmbr.bin”, to install the Acer MBR. Close the command prompt, reboot again your laptop, reactivate the D2D recovery in the bios. Now ALT+F10 should work and run the Acer Erecovery when the laptop start.


Somebody who tried to follow the first method but did not succeed to find the 2 files found another solution to restore the partition.

Use partedit32 to locate the partition pqservice(on aspire 5920g,its the larger 9 gb partition)

Change the partition type to 07(Installable NTFS),reboot.

After reboot,go to the windows computer management and mark the PQservice partition as active then reboot again.

Voila!! You can now proceed to the road to recovery


On a nonfunctional Windows system.

Download the Ultimate Boot CD(UBCD) run it choose in the menu:

-Filesystem Tools

-Boot Managers

-For me GAG functioned well, but you can choose any of the other boot loader, you will recognize the PQservice by it type(hidden).

Just install any boot loader and use it to boot into the PQservice to start the Erecovery restoring process.

C The last problem: You replaced your hard disc( in this case PQservice is not present any more) or your partition was erased or damaged.

Solution: I hope that you burned the Acer restoration CD/DVD when it had been asked to you at the time of the first use, cause if you did not previously make a backup of your laptop by making a disc image, it will not be possible to use the Acer Erecovery.

Let us give the last words to Max:

«Problem Sorted Alan. And you’re right that an external drive for data backup it’s all important. Yes I have it and backed-up my data before starting messing up… »

The Pros and Cons of Network Attached Storage (NAS)

As the increase in technology becomes more advanced, so do the methods of data recovery. Data recovery has become a need for personal and business reasons, but for businesses a poor disaster recover or data loss plan can lead to the loss of extremely important data that cannot be recovered. While this seems like an issue that can be solved, the loss of data for some businesses can cost thousands or even millions of revenue dollars. For private users, it may not be the loss of millions of dollars, but it can mean the loss of an integral set of information that costs even the personal users many dollars.

With the increasing advancement of data storage, the use of data recovery has also tried to parallel its sister component. Rack and virtual drives have become the new way to save large amounts of data on an array of large network drives. Network Attached Storage, or NAS, has become an official method to store large amounts of data. This type of technology is mostly used in medium to large enterprises and it gives the corporation an added layer of data recovery and fail over solutions.

Pros of Network Attached Storage:

The advantage of NAS is the consolidation of storage platforms for administrators. It is much easier to collaborate all servers onto one machine with an array of drives faster than any standalone server on the market. The other advantage is the administrative headache of managing any failures or other types of typical issues that can affect each, individual machine. Basically, the use of NAS consolidates a bunch of servers and their issues into one, easy to manage machine that is quick and easy to restore any lost data across a network. This leaves an incredibly easier way to manage large corporate data that spans across multiple offices and even mobile locations.

The Cons of Network Attached Storage:

One of the main consolidation issues is the file systems under which NAS operates. End users, who are backing data up on the NAS, connect to it through their installed operating system. However, the actual file system on the NAS it typically Linux. In case of failure it may prove difficult to recover the data without professional data recovery service.

These are only two of the pros and cons of network attached storage that comes with the management of improved and advanced network technology. A business that uses NAS in their network design should ensure that the business is in need of a topology design that is as advanced as NAS. Even when NAS is not a solution that can be used in the business, the use of data recovery is important for any business to ensure its survival through disaster recovery.

Fix Your Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation by Using MS PowerPoint Recovery

Microsoft Office is one of the most common and popular software programs among all computer users. It is a software suite that contains several desktop applications for multiple purposes. As a computer user we use these applications on a daily basis. MS PowerPoint is one of them, which is used for creating and designing high-class presentation files. We all know the importance of presentation. It is widely used in almost every sector, for example:

  • For marketing promotion or corporate training session on businesses or large enterprises.
  • For teaching or training purposes in education sectors.

MS PowerPoint is one of the finest tools for creating presentation files. A presentation file may contain several pages, which are known as slides as they appear in sliding form. A slide of a presentation file may contain several file objects, such as: text, graphics, sound, movies and other objects. All these file objects make a presentation file more attractive and appealing. Microsoft PowerPoint saves presentation files in PPT or .ppt file extension. There are three types of file extension used by Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. PPT: PPT file stores all presentation data in a single binary file. It is used by MS PowerPoint 2003 and its earlier versions.
  2. PPTX (Open XML): PPTX file is created by using the Open XML format. It stores the documents as a collection of separate files in compressed form. It can be opened in MS PowerPoint 2007 & 2010.
  3. PPTM (Open XML Macro Enabled): PPTM file, which is also known as macro-enabled presentation, contains embedded macros. It can be opened in MS PowerPoint 2007 & 2010.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to make a presentation file. A PPT file may be large as it contains several slides and various file-objects. Due to having a large size and complex structure it may get easily corrupted or damaged.

There is no computer file or application, which is immune to corruption. In the same way, presentation files are also prone to corruption. MS PowerPoint program becomes unable to open or read a corrupt file. There could be several unforeseen factors behind this corruption. Virus infection, unfinished or abruptly system shutdown, improper cancellation of presentation files or application, unexpected crash in system hard drive, software malfunction, human errors or mishandling a presentation, etc. are some of the common reasons of corruption. While opening a corrupt presentation file we may face some errors. Errors are the perfect indication of file corruption. Some of the most common errors are: “This is not a PowerPoint Presentation” or“File is corrupted or damaged”.

Whenever a file gets corrupted or damaged we need to repair it. We can use “Open and repair” to repair corrupt file, It is a built-in repair feature provided by MS Office to repair corrupt documents. It is one of the easiest and effective solutions to repair corrupt files. The steps, which are mainly required for this solution, are shown below:

  1. Open MS PowerPoint program. Click on Office button (on top of the left side).
  2. A list will be appearing. Click on Open.
  3. A small window will pop-up. Select corrupt file from the system directory.
  4. Click on the arrow of Open button. A list will be scrolled down.
  5. From the list, click on Open and repair. After some seconds, the file will be repaired and opened.

Note: Though this solution efficiently works with corrupt files, but if it does not work we must try the following solutions.

  • We should try to open a corrupt file in OpenOffice Impress.
  • We should try to open a corrupt file in MS Word. If it gets opened, we can recover at least the text part of the file.
  • We should try to import the slides from the damaged file into a new file.
  • If these solutions do not work, then we may use a third-party recovery tool for corrupt files. MS PowerPoint Recovery consists of PPT, PPTX and PPTM recovery tool, which can easily recover our data from corrupt PPT, PPTX and PPTM files. It does not overwrite or replace the old document. It creates a new file and saves all the recovered data into it. The tool works in self-describing mode as it is equipped with an automated wizard interface.

Retrieve Deleted Pictures on the Nikon D5000 With Photo Recovery Software

The Nikon D5000 camera is one of the best cameras to own when you want to learn how to take photographs and practice with the technical aspects of a camera, and is much like the other DX cameras that are offered in the market. It is the smallest in size, weight and price of the series. However, it can be sensitive and you may lose photos, when you save on the Single SD card that comes with it. It is a very silent camera, and you may not notice that you are accidentally deleting photos instead of reviewing the pictures.

You will be able to retrieve the photos that you accidentally if you follow these steps. First, stop using the SD card immediately. It is important to understand that the deleted photos are not actually deleted from the SD card; they simply have been tagged to be written over and are hidden from plain view. You will be able to see them again, but in order to do so, you must stop using your card. If you continue to use the SD card and take photos, you will decrease the chances retrieving the deleted photos.

When you are in front of your computer, connect the SD card and see if you can view the photos that you accidentally deleted. The best way to view the contents is to use an SD card reader. This is better than using your camera to connect to the computer. You may be able to find the photos that you accidentally deleted, but if you don’t, you will need the help of a photo recovery software.

When you go online and make a quick search, you will see that there are a lot of photo recovery program that are available to download from the Internet. However, I will talk about the Photo Retrieval 1.70 for PC. You can use the trial version that you can download for free.

Connect your SD card to your computer. Then, you let the photo recovery program run, so it can scan your SD card. It will be able to show the photos that you deleted from your Nikon D5000.

To ensure that you prevent this from happening again, keep your Nikon D5000 in a safe place every time. If you plan to put your camera in the bag, make sure that it has protective casing, so that it will not turn on and delete photos. Keep the SD card and the card unit clean. You should make regular maintenance checks on the camera to ensure that the camera is functioning well, and all the buttons are working properly.

Power Tools – A Brief Overview

If you are a DIY (do it yourself) enthusiast and love to craft different kinds of crafts, then you must understand the value and advantages of using power tools over the conventional manual tools. There is a huge difference between these two types of tools in terms of functionality, efficiency and features. However, some people get confused between manual tools and power tools. Let’s read to understand what power tools are, and their functionalities, features, and applications.

What are Power tools?

Power tools are different types of mechanical devices and tools that actuated when they are initiated by an external power source. This could generally be air, electricity and pneumatics. These tools are one of the most time-saving devices ever created. Through the use of electricity, compressed air or combustion, they allow users to complete the job efficiently and quickly, that could either not accomplish or would take a longer time when handled using conventional devices. Because of their working efficiency, technical advancement, and innovative features, they are used in a wide range of applications in the field of construction, welding industry, manufacturing industry and around the house for the purpose of drilling, shaping, polishing, heating, painting, grinding and so on.

These devices can be divided into numerous categories on the basis of power source, portability, and purpose. Two categories in which power tools are mainly categorized include:

Stationary mechanical devices

The stationary devices are either large-shaped machines that are not easily movable or machines that are tightly fastened to a stationary object in order to work properly and efficiently. The stationary model machines are generally used for smoothness, power and precision, wherein the portable power tools are used for convenience and for the job that require low power.

Portable mechanical devices

Portable devices are hand-held machines and are usually used for handling small jobs such as drilling, shaping, welding, polishing, grinding and so on. These machines are small in size and light-weighted. This means they can be easily carried anywhere.

They are also divided into three categories on the basis of power source, i.e. electric powered, compressed air and combustion. They can also be categorized by their purposes. Some of the common types of power tools include air compressor, alligator shear, lathe, lawn mower, angle grinder, heat gun, grinding machine, strimmer, table saw, impact driver, steel cut off saw and so on.

Since these mechanical devices are usually expensive, it is advised to trust only on branded products. Dewalt, Bosch, Making, Milwaukee, 3M, Bramley, AMS, AMPCO, Anderson, Aurand, Black & Decker, Bostitch, Band-IT, B & A, Echo, Diamond X, Dremel, Eclipse are some of the top brands on which you can trust for buying safe, power efficient and superior quality power tools. When going to buy such devices, you should compare the prices, features, and the power efficiency of products of different brands in order to buy the right machines for your specific application.

Power tools play a very significant role in completing the job safely and precisely. So, whenever you are going to buy such mechanical devices, then select only branded tools to get the best value for your investment.

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Stop Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b

Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b can occur in a computer due to several reasons. We will go through the steps required to solve this problem.

1. Regedit modification

2. Registry Scan.

3. Load Last Known Good Configuration

4. Rollback Faulty Driver

5. Change BIOS Settings

6. Clean the Junk Files and Unnecessary Stuff

Regedit modification

In order to fix Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b, you have to configure the registry as shown below:

1. Click Start, type RegEdit and press ENTER to open Registry Editor.

2. Browse any of the following locations:



3. Double click the string named Start.

4. Enter 0 value.

5. Close the Registry Editor.

Start a Registry Scan

Incorrect registry modifications may result in Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b. You have to configure the registry properly in order to fix the problem.

Load Last Known Good Configuration

The Last Known Good Configuration option lets you restore the registry state to an earlier working state and thereby solves Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b.

1. Restart your computer.

2. Press F8 key to see the Boot Options screen.

3. Select the option Last Known Good Configuration and press ENTER.

Roll back Faulty Driver

A malfunctioning device driver may cause Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b. You have to roll it back in order to fix the problem. The instructions are as follows:

1. Click Start, type Device Manager and press ENTER.

2. Expand your computer name, and the driver that is malfunctioning. The best way to identify a malfunctioning driver is the cross symbol in yellow color before its name.

3. Right click it, and select Properties option.

4. Click Properties option.

5. Click Driver tab.

6. Click Rollback Driver button.

Change BIOS Settings

Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b may be appearing due to improperly set-up BIOS Settings. Change them properly in order to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Restart your computer.

2. Press F2 or Delete key.

3. Select the Drivers tab.

4. Select SATA Operation option.

5. Select the option RAID Auto/ ATA rather than RAID Auto/ AHCI.

6. Save the settings.

Clean the Junk Files and Unnecessary Stuff

The temporary files stored on your computer may also cause Windows 7 Error 0x0000007b. They occupy a large amount of your disk space and generate problems. You have to clean them using the System Cleaner feature of a System Utilities software.

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