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What should not be believed about Cell Phones Repairs?

We have come in an era where smartphones are no more a luxury commodity, they are a necessity and now and considering the variety in the market whether in terms of quality and price, anyone can afford it. As the purchase and the need for a cell phone have increased so have the problems related to it. There is increased casual usage of phones and that results in all sorts of mishandlings and accidents. Though phone repair service can fix a lot of things we are here to warn you against any kind of rumors and myths related to phone repairs and recommend you to never ever follow them.

  1. Uncooked Rice Absorbs moisture: Dropped your phone in water or spilt some liquid-based material on it. Then you go and try and search for a solution and the first thing in most cases that pop up are to leave your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. The truth is rice is undoubtedly a good absorbent but not for electronics, it may still absorb some moisture but cannot prevent the corrosion process on the motherboard. In fact, the starch that is left behind as a result of moisture and rice coming in contact can only speed up the corrosion process. So leave the uncooked rice to be cooked and fill your empty tummy.
  2. Your Phone can never function the way it used to before you broke it: This is another popular myth, that once you break your phone, it has been opened for repair and can never function like before. Well, this myth might come true if you indulge yourself in DIYs or take it to some random person. The truth is that if phone repair service is done by the expert or at authorized centers then you may end having a phone that functions way better than before.

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  3. Warranty will be void by Third-Party repairs: This yet another myth that needs to be busted for sure. If your phone has suffered minor damage then third-party repairs are the best option available but the condition is that the person should be an expert if not authorized. Especially if you are living in some small town and you do not have the phone’s authentic service centre then you have no option but to visit third party phone repair service.
  4. Repair Centers hack your Phone: Another baseless myth, which has absolutely no rationale attached to it. The phone repair service is made to help you and not to hack your phone. It is important for you to know that the service providers do not have any authority to do any mischief with your data. Even if they feel an absolute need to get into your data, then they will first need your approval before proceeding. So you can be absolutely sure of your photo. Videos and any other confidential information or data will be safe.
  5. A cracked Screen is not much damage: Well, you can go seriously wrong if you consider this to be true. A screen crack can cause fatal damage or irreversible damage to your phone if not quickly then definitely it will happen over time. A screen crack can cause the backlight to malfunction, discoloration, black spots; it will definitely affect the touch-functionality. The cracked does not even look good and if you are using any expensive then touch screen will definitely not make you look good. So next time, you crack the screen of the phone and make sure you get it repaired without any delay.
  6. Phone damaged with water is beyond Repair: If you believe that a water damaged phone can be repaired by uncooked rice, then what makes you think that water damaged phone is beyond repair? A water damaged phone is very well in the ambit of repair. The only thing you have to do is to take to the right people who know how to the needful.
  7. Third-party repairs make replacement with duplicate parts: This is not true at least not completely. The third-party repairs have all sorts of parts. If you are willing to pay for it, then necessary replacements will be done with authentic parts only.

These were some of the myths that we busted related to phone repair service, any problem attended by the experts will never cause you harm.

Liquid Spillage on laptops

Liquid Spillage on laptops and how to deal with it

Laptops come with its own perk of portability which ensures that our work, study or fun environment is not confined to one place. In the recent scenario of the pandemic, the emerging new normal is “from home”, whether its work from home or attending classes from home or even normal medical consultation was done from home, there is wide usage of the laptop. As we mentioned earlier, here the portability part is like attending a virtual meeting while having a glass of water or a mug of coffee or a cup of tea and what not. Liquid spillage on the laptop is another new normal which is of course not so desirable. If you drop cookies or slices of bread on the keypad, it is still manageable but if it is a liquid-based thing like water, coffee, tea, cold drinks, juices and whatever may come in this list, you will realize that something unfortunate has happened. Though one should avoid such accidents in the first place, if it still happens, then there are some ways they can be dealt with.

liquid spillage on laptops

Let us focus on how to deal with Liquid spillage on the laptop:

  1. What to do next? Once you realize that the liquid is split on your laptop, the first thing should be done is remove the device from all the power supplies, only if you are connected with the power supply and make sure you remove the battery in both cases. If you fail to do this or delay in doing these both steps, then an electrically conductive material can cause further and heavy damage. Next, you must use an absorbent cloth to wipe off the extra liquid which you might see on the surface. After much liquid has been wiped off, you can use a vacuum cleaner for sucking off the very little liquid that might be sticking to the keys of the laptop.

After doing the above-instructed steps, re-insert the battery and try switching on the laptop. If it starts off nicely, then thank god, you have prevented major damage. If the laptop does not start in the way it should, then probably the motherboard has been damaged or affected in an adverse way. In such a circumstance you should probably only hope for getting back your data.

  1. What if, laptop starts? If you clear step one that does not mean you win the whole game. If your laptop starts normally, then you must check the functionality of the keys, the track pad and other click-based functionality. There are problems that you can still face, like:
  • If the screen shows that you are holding a key, but you are actually not, then the liquid spill has bridged the gap, which results in you not using that key anymore.
  • Next, you should try to connect a mouse through USB, if that works perfectly, then you have an option of using an external keyboard.
  1. Is drying a good idea? This is a difficult question to answer. Many sites and blogs recommend drying but warn against using hair dryers for the same. Drying is a difficult process in case of electronics, the reason being the space, which is so less that you might have to wait for a considerable amount of time. If you leave your laptop open for the liquid to evaporate, then there are chances that liquid may dry up but leave residue behind which will affect the functionality in no less way. If the liquid is of sugar base, then it may leave a sticky residue which again is not desirable. The best thing that you can do is using an air stream, which if feels bearable to your hands then it will not damage the key or internal components as well, but for how much time you should use this sir stream is debatable

One should never ever try and open the laptop themselves; this will harm you in the case where your device is under the warranty as your act will violate the same. If your laptop is under warranty then you can very well replace the problematic parts of the device. When Gadgets have become such an important part of our lives we should make sure that we treat and respect them in the same way. Using your devices diligently is your duty. Above we have discussed the problem of Liquid spillage on the laptop, which if solved is simple but otherwise it has the potential of costing you fortunes. So we should try and use our devices carefully.

Complete Guide about SSD Upgrade

Complete Guide about SSD Upgrade

You might be experiencing a slow desktop or laptop lately. Do you feel that your device is taking way too much time in loading programs, playing movies or music? Do you find it difficult to keep up with the hard disk of your system? Then it may be possible, that your device needs an SSD upgrade or if you don’t have one then you need to switch over to Solid State Drive or SSD.

What is SSD?

Solid State Drive or SSD is a storage device. It uses assemblies of integrated circuits so as to store data in a persistent manner using flash memory. If you want to know about its position in the hierarchy of computer storage then Solid State Drive functions as secondary memory. A solid-state drive is much faster than a hard drive, which means your applications, programs, movies, music will load much faster. Not only this, SSD uses much less energy and dissipates less heat in comparison to the hard drives and is also much more durable.

Up-gradation from Hard Drive to Solid-state drive is not at all difficult if you keep in mind the below-mentioned precautions:

  • Static Electricity present in our body can cause serious damage to the different components of the system. So the first thing you need to do is get rid of this static electricity in your body. For doing this you must touch any unpainted metal surface on the computer’s frame or you can choose to wear an ESD wrist wrap before getting yourself into the SSD upgrade business. The below methods are capable of discharging all the static electricity present in the body.
  • In order to protect the Solid State Drive, you must not touch the connectors on the drive.
  • Do try to open the Solid State Drive otherwise, you may end up violating the warranty.
  • Before installing the Solid State Drive you must make sure of moving any important data from the existing drive to the new drive.

Now let us see what steps are involved in the installation of the Solid State Drive:

  • Before starting the SSD upgrade make sure you are in a static-free environment. Also, you must remove any paper or plastic from your workspace.
  • Shut down your system and after doing this remove your system from the power supply. Lastly, you must press the power button of the system for 5 seconds in order to get rid of your system of any residual electricity.
  • Open your computer’s manual in order to learn how to open your system. Follow the given instructions and open up your system.
  • After opening, touch any unpainted metal surface so as to get rid yourself of any static electricity present in the body. This step is recommended in order to prevent any kind of damage to the components of your system.
  • Once you’re done with the above steps, look out for the storage bay. If needed, then take the help of the user’s manual to locate the exact position of the storage bay. Then you must remove the old drive and install the new Solid State Drive. You will not need to force its fitting. It must fit easily.
  • Now reassemble your system and switch it on. You will experience a considerably faster boot time, loading of programs with much more efficiency.

The Bigger Question: Internal or External?

Which SSD is better, internal or external, is the question many ask, but, the answer to it is quite simple. If you wish to just extend the storage to your laptop like to keep more photos, music, or files that you don’t access all that often then it is recommended to get an external SSD. But if you are concerned more about the performance of the system then upgrading an internal hard drive to an SSD can prove to be a great option for you. Whether that’s for faster boot times, reduced load times in gaming or just overall responsiveness during daily tasks the SSD will solve all your issues regarding the slow speed of your system and make it active again.

With an SSD upgrade, you will not only experience a faster system in all possible terms but also your system will be insured against any type of accidental drops, shocks, or extreme variation in temperatures. Moreover, its magnetic field is better than Hard Drive.

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What You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

If while looking for samsung s9 repair you stumbled upon the Samsung Galaxy Z flip which is the brand’s second foldable phone and is entirely different from the Galaxy fold. The smartphone has a flip phone style foldable feature and has a 6.7 inch display which folds in half. The Z Flip has a premium design which is a bit better than the fold. Also since the release of this foldable Smartphone there have been numerous comparisons between the Motorola’s Razr and the Z flip. The most significant difference is in the Global pricing of both the flip phones in which the Z flip is significantly cheaper than its contemporary and also offers an overall better package deal.

The smartphone comes packed with Samsung care plus protection, one time screen repair at a discounted price and four month of YouTube premium subscription.

Design and display configurations of the Z flip

The configuration set of the Z flip is comparatively lighter than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Despite being lighter on the hardware specifications and the inbuilt features it is no rocket science that the expensive price of this Z flip Smartphone is due to its foldable feature. The device has been offered by the brand in three colour variants which are black, gold and purple. The finish on the black colour variant gives the device a glass phone like appeal whereas in the Purple and the gold look you will get a blinging finish which gives the device its stunning appeal. The only bugging issue about this is the fingerprints smudges. The front screen is about 1.1 inch interactive AMOLED display which is next to the rear camera setup. The cover display of the device doesn’t leave a lot of space but still it packs the essentials as far as notifications and quick information is concerned.

By now you must be looking forward to exploring more about this device apart from trying to know Samsung S9 repair related information. But it is still unsure if the tiny screen will be able to justify itself in comparison to the bigger display on the Fold and the Moto Razr. When you double tap on the power screen it turns off the camera in order to allow you to take selfies using the cover display. When the Z flip in unfolded then anyone can compare to any traditional Android smartphone if they missed the light crease across the middle of the display. It is the phone’s footprint being smaller when folded which makes it a desirable flip phone. When the device is unfolded it has a candy bar style which makes it different from a mini tablet like Galaxy fold. It has a 6.7 edge full HD plus screen with a supporting aspect ratio of 21.9:9. This feature makes the smartphone look really tall in the hand which is why people with small hands might struggle in order to operate the device especially for tasks like pulling the notification and Quick setting tabs.

Specifications and features

The Z flip has a 12MP f 2.2 Ultra wide camera that works with a 12MP f 1.8 Wide Angle Shooter. The front facing camera is present in a small cutout placed on the display. When the device is in a foldable position a 10MP front facing Shooter is present if the user wishes to take a selfie or wants to have a video call. The Samsung Z flip internal configurations are flagship grade and the device has been powered by 7 NM Snapdragon 855 plus in order to power it that works in companionship with an 8GB of Ram and 256 GB of UFS 3.0 storage. As there is no presence of micro SD slots the users will not be able to expand the memory any further. The device comes packed with a big 3300 mAh battery which is bigger when compared to the Razr’s 2510 mAh cell. By now it is no big secret that a device which has a bigger battery wins the competition and in this case Samsung is the winner. The device supports a 15 watt fast charging over the USB type-c connection and also additionally has a wireless charging support.


It will be quite early to say whether the Samsung Galaxy Z flip is durable or not. It may take some time for the users to get used to the folding and unfolding process in a natural way which by the way felt very smooth when done initially. For all the Samsung S9 repair related services you can consult Digital Hospital and get the desired help.

best iPad repair Singapore service

Where to Repair Your iPad in Singapore?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. In the smartphones we store so much of our information some of it it is business related and some of it is confidential. it is like carrying your personal assistant in your pocket or in your purse. Therefore if accidentally you damage your smartphone then it can cause a lot of problems for you. We understand your concern therefore in today’s discussion we are going to provide you the 6 best tips in order to ensure your iPad’s safety. We will also tell you where you can find the best iPad repair Singapore service. So without wasting any time let’s start right away.

  • Use a Screen Protector: The most common damage that is found in smartphones and iPads is a screen damage. The display of the device is one of the most important elements and needs utmost protection from damages as it is the most fragile as well as the most expensive part of the smartphone. Even with a slightest mishandling or an accident the screen of the mobile is bound to get damaged. To avoid such situations it is recommended that you use a screen protector and that too a tempered glass for your screen. Don’t use a cheap quality protector as it would do no good and will be equal to not having it.
  • Use a good quality case: In the current situations where you are multitasking and are also working from home there must be situations where you must be handling multiple things at one time and thus may drop your phone once or twice and damage it. In order to prevent yourself from entering into such a situation it is strongly suggested that you use a good quality case for your smartphone as it will ensure maximum physical protection for your handset. Though it is not necessary that you use an expensive and a branded case, you should ensure that the case that you’re using is of good quality and provides protegsdfgdfgction to your smartphone from all the physical damages.
  • Self Protect: Apart from using a good screen protector as well as a back cover or finding the iPad repair Singapore service for your device, you need to also make sure that you yourself also take care of your smartphone or iPad whenever you place it somewhere or in your pocket, make sure that you do not give coins or any other pointed type of stuff in the same pocket as that would result in the display screen getting scratched or damaged. Users should also avoid placing the smartphone in the rear pocket of your tight jeans as there can be a probability that your phone might band or snap when you attempt to set somewhere.
  • Waterproof the Device: You must have heard of all the damages done to the iPads due to water as it is a well-known play havoc with electronic devices. There can be situations where you are having your iPad in your hand and it suddenly starts raining. In order to ensure a complete safety from the water of your device the user should use a waterproof case for the handset.
  • Hold with a Firm Grip​: In order to avoid any damage to the phone or iPad due to accidental dropping, you must ensure to hold your device with a firm grip. It is no rocket science that the way you catch your gadget is very important in order to prevent it from falling down.
  • Do not leave it unattended: There are often situations where we are negligent and keep our devices in places where it is not safe. Therefore one should always make sure that they have kept their iPads in a secure place in order to protect them from getting dropped or being in reach of the kids. It is also suggested that the user should not give the iPad to children if they are not mature enough to handle your iPad especially if you have very important data stored in your device.

As far as iPad repair Singapore service is concerned, Digital Hospital is the most trusted and reliable platform for it. The customer friendly and customer first policies add comfort to an already chaotic situation of a damaged device. To know more you can get in touch with us now.