Cost Effective IT Infrastructure Services

Today the business of the customers depends on their IT infrastructure. The more is the downtime the more delay in their business process will be, hence most of the organizations are offering cost effective IT Infrastructure Services. Due to the process downtime the revenue decreases with an increase in the operation costs and then need of remote infrastructure management arises.

Remote infrastructure management offers cost effective IT services to organizations. IT comprises of remote services like server management, network management, database management, remote help desk services, managed services etc. By outsourcing these services companies are able to concentrate on their main business which in turn give output as an increase in the revenues and minimizes their operational expenditure. The productivity of the employees also increases as they are able to do their work freely and with fresh mind. Customer satisfaction is must for every business to grow. In every industry these services are being used.

Companies are now using their own remote support centers and many uses from other who give outsourced services. The Server Support companies are growing are also growing at a fast rate. These types of centers are called network operations centers or NOC. These NOCs offer very cost effective services and a good line of administrators and technicians. The engineers of these centers are very skilled because they are differentiated according to their tasks and are expert in their respective fields. So it benefits their clients not to give trainings for this to their own employees. These delivery centers are like their own support centers and cost effective in terms of expenditure.

When organizations take outsourced IT services from these NOCs they often start with a trial and after completion if they are satisfied they continue with a half-yearly or an annual contract. Due to this they save a good portion of their costs resulting in good customer satisfaction. And these network operations center are also experiencing a significant growth around the globe. Hence it is beneficial for organizations to use these remote operations centers to decrease their costs and gain revenues.


Infrastructure Services by IT Institutes

In this time of technology most of the small and medium business entrepreneurs are having a big concern on their IT department. It is crucial to take the right decision whether to have an inbuilt IT department or an outsourced center to support their business. There are many IT Infrastructure Services provider firms who are being used by small and medium businesses. On the other hands many technical institutes and universities are also playing an important role in providing such services.

These universities are helping the service providers and vendors as well. These institutes offer their best transmuted IT support services like network and Server Support services. They also provide some training courses based on ITIL pattern. They provide the professionals training contents in the form of guides, written content, white papers, webinars, online-training content through websites and emails. They also assist the manufacturers, distributors; vendor services organizations and some franchise firms by understanding their needs and supporting their channels and partners with training programs and services. There are many benefits of such technical education organizations giving IT services because they make a contract with the client on an annual basis and give enhanced knowledge of managed services and providers.

There are other benefits also from them like research works are continuously done in these institutes so new technologies are developed and used. The cost of employing a technical engineer or administrator is low than that coming from any other source. Taking outsourced services also reduce the operational costs. Company can easily focus on their core business and in turn gain hundred percent customer satisfaction and a significant increase in their revenues. Companies get latest updates about technology and services time to time. Quality of the services increases because the workforce is new and energetic with new ideas.

In this way we can say that it is beneficial to use these services offered by such institutes. Organizations can take this as an option if they are also taking such services from other sources because it is also a cost effective source. And due to extensive competition and need for IT support services such types of institutes are growing at a fast rate in all the countries.


Why You Need to Consult a Cloud Computing Expert for Your Online Accounting Software

With cloud computing solutions becoming extremely prevalent in modern business, it was only a matter of time before online accounting software was going to become popular. There is little surprise why, as working with cloud applications and solutions often means improved communication and efficiency for many different types of business.

It should also be mentioned that cloud solutions are considered as being ‘the future’ of how many businesses are going to run. With reduced expense as another positive associated with cloud solutions, it seems to be only a matter of time before almost all business are taking advantage of cloud computing in some way or another.

Online accounting software is particularly beneficial as this can be a very simple and straightforward way of doing things, especially for small and medium size businesses, Furthermore, there is also the ease of sharing information with accountants and authorities which can take away the hassle and time suck of many traditional accounting options.

However, before a company invests in this type of online accounting solution, it is strongly advised to consult a cloud consulting expert first. Here are some of the main reasons why your business needs to do this before jumping in with both feet.

First of all, online accounting software might not be the best choice for everyone, or at the very least it may not be the right time for every business to adopt this approach. Consulting an expert is a business’s best chance of knowing the benefits and drawbacks of any proposed cloud solution and then being able to make an informed decision.

The most honest and reputable experts will be able to advise you on whether or not the tools available on the market today are really right for you business, and – if they are – which tools are best to choose. With more and more applications becoming available on a monthly basis, you will need help to find the best match for the needs of your company.

Secondly, consider that expert help is going to be required in order to migrate to these new accounting services and to ensure that everything is up and running quickly with no serious issues along the way. Although cloud computing solutions are marketed as being simple to use – and they very much are – any major change takes some time to implement correctly.

This could mean that the company owner has to get to grips with doing thing differently, along with ensuring that new processes are put in place to adapt to the specific workings of the new accounting tools. In both cases, expert support can make this a whole lot easier and reduce the number of hiccups which are bound to happen in the process.

Thirdly, know that online accounting software is still in its infancy in many ways – although cloud computing solutions are improving and developing at break-neck speed, there will be changes made along the way. For companies that are serious about staying at the forefront of technology and implementing its many benefits into business, support will be crucial.

Often, experts at delivering online accounting software will be ahead of the game, taking stock of all new developments and trends and then informing their clients of it. Not all companies that have implemented these cloud solutions themselves will be capable of doing this themselves, and having expert advice on hand is crucial to adapting and avoiding problems.

Cloud computing is a constantly evolving sector and although the benefits of it are great for business, guidance and support are crucial for any company looking to get the most out of the experience.


Benefits of Cloud Services for Businesses

Today, every business owner must consider the kind of technology they are utilizing in running their business. It is this technology that brings them into competition with alike businesses in their local area. They can even get connected with other similar businesses and customers thus, registering good business growth. Using technology effectively helps them to easily connect with people.

Working with Cloud services

One of the technologies increasingly used by businesses these days is the cloud computing services. Cloud computing depicts a new model meant for IT services’ delivery and consumption. These IT services are internet-based and generally use scalable and virtualized resources in the form of services.

Of course, working in the cloud has various benefits as compared to working on a local server. With cloud IT services, you can work remotely. You are just required to access these services from your computer. Most of the times, they are quite fast to support your AV technology. This way you can create connections with other employees in your office and your prospective customers too.

Cloud computing services: A crucial business tool

If you want to enjoy cloud services for running your business efficiently, you should hire an experienced and reliable cloud services provider. Your provider understands and guides you about the kind of software you should run on the cloud server. This in turn helps you to make efficient use of your server. You are required to have full security while tackling any kind of sensitive data or information. Of course, you have to comply with some organizations. Hiring a provider offering you cloud consulting services enables you to opt for services that allow you to open multiple documents and look at the newest and updated ones.

Top 10 benefits of cloud IT services

Increased focus on major business functions: Your cloud services provider offers higher automation and effectively manages your business technology. This allows you to concentrate more on your major business functions.

Mobility of employees: With cloud computing services, the employees of your organization can gain accessibility to important data, applications and files in order to perform their jobs, irrespective of where they are.

Cost reduction: Once you avail cloud consulting services, your business is only required to pay for the services it uses. This trims your overall business costs.

Safe data sharing: Cloud IT services let your organization share its internal data over the cloud and you don’t need to make it available to parties outside.

Implementation becomes easy: With no requirements for software licenses, implementation services or hardware buying, you can speedily start with cloud computing.

Increased flexibility: Your cloud services provider enables you to utilize shared resources and there is flexible and automated distribution of all computing resources. This brings in increased flexibility.

More storage capacity: Your organization is able to store large amounts of data by using the internet by means of virtual cloud services.

Ease of customization: With cloud computing, your business can build custom applications on an interface that is user-friendly. Customization helps you to outshine your competitors.

More collaboration: In cloud computing, every single document is hosted on the cloud. If your company has multiple users, it becomes easy for them to collaborate on shared web documents.

Environmental advantages: Cloud services cut down energy costs, carbon dioxide emissions and hardware consumption.

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Web Hosting – Windows Reseller Hosting

As web hosting has become a profitable online business, reselling hosting business has also become more profitable. Windows reseller hosting solutions have substantially more advantages over the popular Linux reseller hosting because of the various favorable factors that you can offer to your clients such as:

  • Windows reseller hosting provider can now keep track of multiple clients by using a single control panel
  • You can have PHP and MySQL based Control Management System (CMS) with ASP.Net SQL website
  • As a Windows reseller hosting provider, you can host excellent Windows based applications which will help all your clients
  • Allow users to use Active Server Pages (ASP) scripts and other Microsoft applications in designing great websites
  • Use exciting new tools like Windows Mobile and Active Sync technology
  • Use Push and SharePoint technology
  • Use the ever-popular Microsoft Access or the ever-dependable SQL Server relational database management system (RDMS) for data management and data analysis. SQL Server has proved itself as arguably the most reliable database management system for many top enterprise level businesses all over the world. Your clients can now use this stable, reliable, and efficient RDMS
  • Use .Net (DotNet) or Visual Basic (VB) web development tools
  • Use Microsoft’s Active Directory technology
  • Windows based server can host websites running on UNIX based system
  • Web hosting, especially Windows reseller hosting has now become as exciting as any other online business because Microsoft continuously updates its Windows based web applications with the latest technology
  • Multiple vendors are offering exciting web solutions that can help your Windows reseller web hosting business
  • Stronger security, better stability, and speed
  • Microsoft’s Server 2003 hosting solution has proven itself as useful with its high-capacity server operating system and features

The disadvantages of using Windows Reseller Hosting are:

  • Windows based web applications need licenses and thus make Windows reseller hosting more expensive than the Linux based web hosting, and
  • Linux web hosting is more stable and needs less rebooting compared to Windows web hosting

Windows web hosting has better scalability factor when clients need to upgrade their web hosting needs as their businesses grow online. Windows web hosting is a better choice for the reseller hosting business considering the fact that Windows hosting has better compatibility with Linux hosting tools. Interactive applications like the Chat tools can run better under the Windows based web hosting. The powerful Visual Basic applications and DotNet can only run under Windows web hosting.

So, web hosting businesses, especially Windows reseller hosting businesses, are growing rapidly because the DotNet technologies like ASP.Net and VB.Net have become popular. With Microsoft’s Exchange 2007, Windows Server 2008 Web Edition, SQL Server 2008, ActiveSynch and the latest mail server technology Windows hosting is positioned for a rapid growth. SQL Server management tools and other Microsoft Windows based technologies are making the Windows web hosting business grow at a rapid pace and is becoming very popular.

Now, Windows based web technology opens exciting new avenues in the mobile applications also. The popular Enterprise level databases like Access and SQL Server are being used all over the world. The new SharePoint Server and services, and many other Microsoft Windows applications for web design and development are becoming popular.

All these new technologies will also make Windows reseller hosting business more exciting. The success of these latest technologies will always attract more online businesses to Windows hosting. Web hosting is now definitely tilting towards the Windows hosting services, and that means better opportunities for the Microsoft reseller hosting businesses.

So, for web hosting resellers, the Windows reseller hosting business is proving profitable with its easier management, scalability, and ability to keep pace with the rapid technology changes in the web hosting field.


Which Technologies Do Your Customers Want?

Various consumer technologies are changing the way people shop online and offline.

Mobile payments, chatbots and voice search are gaining popularity fast as more and more people are starting to see their advantages.

As an online seller, it’s important that you keep abreast of these technologies, but it’s equally important that you know what really matters to your customers before integrating any of these tools into your business.

Which digital technologies are they interested in?

Many of today’s new digital technologies were designed to offer buyers an interactive shopping experience.

However, in reality your customers will only want to use technologies that will enhance or speed up their shopping, not introduce them to a new process.

Mobile payment methods are among those that they would like to use on a regular basis.

Research shows that 400 out of 1,000 shoppers in the UK find it very convenient for them not to pay with cash or card.

The voice search technology may not be as popular as mobile payments, but over 20% of the respondents find it interesting and are likely to use it.

Chatbots are also gaining shoppers’ interest; majority of them who are receptive of this service are Millennials, while a small number of those who don’t have a clue what chatbots are and how they work are 55 years old and older.

Technologies shunned by most shoppers

Although they’re big in the gaming world, the benefits of virtual reality and augmented reality have yet to be understood by a lot of shoppers as they find these tools too complex to embrace.

Nine out of 10 customers said they don’t fancy using either of these tools in the near future.

Out of 1,000 customers, only a little over a hundred said that they’re willing to try augmented reality, and about 200 of them would give virtual reality a go, to see how a product would actually look like on them.

If you could find the time to learn more about VR and AR, and actually test them on your site, you will realise how beneficial they are as they could drastically decrease your product return rate.

Perhaps, the successive introduction of new consumer technologies may be stressing consumers out to the point of alienating them.

However, if you know your customers well enough, then it’ll be easy for you to decide which digital trends to adopt for your business.

If you’re not quite sure what could help improve their shopping experience, then you may want to revisit your customer groups.

So, which consumer technology are you thinking of putting to use?


Why Bots Are The Future Of Marketing

In the beginning (1966), there was ELIZA – she was the first bot of her kind, had roughly 200 lines of code and was extremely smart. But you probably don’t know her. Later, came PARRY who was smarter than ELIZA (and could imitate a paranoid schizophrenic patient). But you probably don’t know PARRY either. Or ALICE (1995) or JABBERWACKY (2005). But you do know Siri! And that right there is brilliant marketing.

The bots have existed for a long time now but they weren’t always popular until Apple. Always one step ahead of its competition, Apple not only introduced the services of a chatbot but also used it to create a unique brand image. It killed two birds with one metaphoric stone known as Siri. There was no going back from there. Siri was/is a household name. She can read stories, predict the weather, give extremely witty answers just like a human would, and in one instance, Siri is also known to have dialed 911 and save a life.

Why marketing with the bots is a good idea

Although in its early days, chatbots are changing the way brands communicate and thereby, market themselves. For starters, individuals are bogged down by a million apps that clutter their digital space. Where apps and websites have failed, the bots are succeeding. It performs relevant functions such as addressing queries, providing customer support, offering suggestions, and moreover secure messaging platforms that are frequented by customers. Facebook’s Messenger with over 800 million users is one such example. If Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella’s words are anything to go by, chatbots are the next big thing.

Chatbots are also replacing traditional marketing methods with personal conversations, laced with subtle upsells. Take Tacobot for instance – Taco Bell’s latest bot. The next time someone wants to order tacos, Tacobot here is going to list out the menu and let the user know if a one-plus-one offer is going on. It will also suggest add-ons like fried beans and salsa. If the user agrees and places an order, the bot has just made an improved sale without resorting to pushy, sales tactics. That’s bot as a customer service for you; a very effective one at that. Another benefit: chatbots are smart cookies. They scan internet cookies and track predictive analytics to provide suggestions based on past searches and purchases. Much of the time, it’s pretty effective.

Today, all major brands have developed chatbots. Amazon has Echo that allows users to order a pizza or buy a pen while Microsoft’s Cortana is always ready to answer queries. Bots have this brilliant quality of being human-like and logical at the same time, less the human complication. That sounds like the perfect relation every brand should have with its customer, and the bot can help you get there. After all, it’s a marketing pro.


5 ways AI Chatbots impact on Singapore Hospitality Industry

Since the rise of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, the hospitality industry can boast of benefitting from the excellent services in terms of improving customer relations, bookings among other areas. AI Chatbots may come in different versions including text and voice enables virtual assistants. Hotels and online travel agencies have embraced the use of the automated customer service providers which assist guests in multiple ways. So, how exactly have these AI Chatbots impacted the Singapore hospitality industry?

  1. Manage time efficiently

Chatbots are excellent in improving customer service, however, they cannot be the only customer support in hotels since some guests require personalized service. Despite this fact, AI Chatbots are important as they help manage time by leaving the employees to deliver excellent service to present guests as they effectively respond to online queries and provide booking services through online travel agencies or the hotel’s booking engine. This way, the customer service team is not overloaded with unanswered requests and bookings.

  1. Offer booking services in the native language

One of the challenges faced by guests visiting Singapore is the language barrier. However, through the AI Chatbots, guests can now interact with the hotel in their native language and place their queries or bookings without trouble. This is enhanced by the nature of the Chatbots to translate to various languages depending on the bot features.

  1. Eases communication with guests

We all know that humans are prone to error, and we have probably been misled in one way or the other. Giving clients the wrong information about a certain service requested could lead to negative feedback on the online travel agencies review platforms, which could end badly for the customer service provider involved. To avoid such, AI Chatbots provide credible information they are looking for about a property making them reliable. Again, due to their conversational nature, Chatbots are able to pull up any information requested by the clients and they can book their preferred rooms directly from the bot.

  1. Increase guest loyalty

Due to their credibility, Chatbots are able to provide guests with valid information about hotels and properties in Singapore. Guests are able to retrieve factual information and choose the exact rooms available without any alterations of data provided. This way, clients will be able to trust the service provider for this credible virtual assistance which could lead to referrals and positive reviews of the online travel agency or the hotel all the same.

  1. Enable check-in and check-outs virtually

Traditionally, you need manually sign in to check in a hotel but with the ArtificialIntelligence,Chatbots enable guests to check in online even without the help of the customer service. While staying at a hotel, these Chatbots may also provide in-room services from the reception without having to go all the way there or making a call.

The Singapore hospitality benefits from Artificial Intelligence Chatbots more than any other industry in the country and thus the need to have the bots for hotels and online travel agencies.

5 Tips for Creating a Perfect Facebook Chatbot

Over the recent years, most businesses have embraced the use of Chatbots on both their website and social media pages, particularly Facebook messenger. Even though they are quite effective, not every Chatbot will work for your business and thus the need to customize it in regards to the nature of your business as well as your target audience. You will need to understand a few things before putting up a messenger Chatbot. Below are some of the tips you may want to consider while building a Chatbot for your Facebook business page;

  1. Define your buyer persona

One of the main reasons why businesses use Chatbots in their social media pages is to help with customer service. However, in order to build an effective and engaging bot, you will have to understand your customers, which means you will need to identify what your customers are looking for. To do this, looking at the demographics, including their location, age, gender, marital status,and interests will give you an insight into what they are interested in. This way, you will be able to come up with a buyer persona and thus help the bot address their needs and respond effectively to their queries.

  1. Define clear goals and expectations

As much as Chatbots are for customer service, they are an important part of growing your business in terms of leads generation, knowing which products or services perform better and improving those that need improvement. However, in order to get tailored results from your Chatbot, you will need to think of what your goals are and your expectation. This way, your bot will help you develop better strategies for your business.

  1. Unravel one feature at a time

Once you have set your goals and expectations, it is time to define the features to include in your messenger Chatbot to help you hit your targets. Choosing the features to include highly depend on what you want be it tracking consumer data, responding to queries, and other functions. However, it is recommended to launch one feature at a time to avoid overwhelming your audience.

  1. Consider what your competitors are doing

The key to business success is finding your unique points, what makes you stand out in the flooded market? Again, you need to look at what they are doing way better than you so you can improve and also what they might be doing badly to avoid making the same mistakes. Keeping up with your competitors will also help in always staying on the lookout for any innovative features as far as Facebook Messenger Chatbots are concerned.

  1. Choosing the right Chatbot Builder

This is one of the most important points because you will need to consider a few things before settling on a Chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger. For instance, if you are looking to create engagement, you will need a Chatbot that allows you to share media files, answer and remember frequently asked questions and maybe send notifications to your fans and followers. One of the most regarded Chatbot builders is ChatFuel for its ability to engage with consumers.

In conclusion, the developing a great Facebook Messenger Chatbot highly depends on the nature of your business, your goals and expectations, as well as you target audience. Having this in mind will help you develop a bot tailored to meet your customer’s needs.