Recover your data from almost any storage device

Data is power. We help you to keep it with you forever. Digital Hospital brings you the most powerful way to recover your data from laptop, desktop to tablet and smartphone. From document to media, from on-chip memory to hard-drive, we are here to give you back your important data across your devices. Our expert team helps you to recover data from any situation, any storage platform, anywhere and anytime.


Do Try to back up important data on a Weekly or Monthly Basis

Do Try reconnecting external drive to other working system

Do turn of system, when you hear any clicking /grinding noise from hard disk.

Do install an effective antivirus program to scan and remove viruses.


Don'ts (1)

Don’t make attempts to recover lost data by yourself

Don’t store new files after data loss as this can overwrite the deleted/lost files

Don’t try to open up any physically damaged hard disk

Don'ts (4)

Don’t place hard disk in freezer and then try to spit it up

F . A . Q

Q. Can all data lost be retrieved?

A. There are occasions when damage to the data is permanent and a complete recovery is not possible.. However, it is on very race occcasions that no data is recoverable.

Q. What is the turn around time for data recovery?

A. Turn around times vary and depends on many factors, including:
– The degree to which the data is defragmanented or corrupt.
– The degree of media damage and how long it takes to read the entire drive to make a mirror image of the same.

Q. What is logical recovery?

A. A full working hard drive, where data was lost due to accidental user action, a crash by an application or the OS, or even partitioning / formatting of the hard drive by mistake.