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Digital Hospital Data Recovery Services

At PC Dreams, we understand how frustrating it can be to lose all your files and folders overnight. Therefore, our data recovery centre looks to help you restore documents that are corrupted, deleted or inaccessible to the user. We understand that laptops can be vulnerable to damage therefore our recovery team are well-trained to help handle any situation in a professional and logical manner. It doesn’t whether the problem has occurred because of a hard-drive failure or a persistent virus, we will approach each matter with the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm. We also offer a risk-free policy which means you won’t pay anything if we can’t fix the problem.

What Can You Recover

100% Safe & Complete Recovery Process

Computer Crashed? Important Files Deleted? We Got Them All Recovered!

Our Data Recovery Pricing

Software Fault : $199*

Firmware Fault : $699*

 Hardware  Fault : $1099*


*Price valid for HDD recovery only, SSD data recovery available at special rates.

Complete Recovery

  • Accidentally deleted files

  • Cracked head, deadhead

  • Bad Sectors

  • Scratch or drive have weird noise

  • Unable to detect