Data Recovery Services for Storage Devices

Protect or file recovery with Seagate Recovery services and Rescue Service plans for storage devices

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Data protection plans

Recover your data from almost any storage device

We can recover files from desktops, laptops and external hard drives as well as tablets, and on-chip memory in smartphones. We also provide NAS recovery, RAID data recovery service, HDD recovery retrieve deleted files and  file recovery.

We can retrieve files that were accidentally deleted or lost due to device failure. With a satisfaction rating of above 95%, we have proven to our customers that we are the go-to place for data recovery.

The Cost of Data Loss

You are already protecting your devices. Why not protect the one thing that cannot be replaced?

25% of all PC users suffer data loss annually.

Over the last 30 years, storage capacity has increased exponentially.

57% of people were more upset about losing their data than their gadgets.

Human error accounts for 29% of all data loss.

In 2013, the average Seagate lab data recovery was 320GB.

96% of all business workstations are not regularly backed up.

140,000 hard drives fail every week.

Digital hospital specialized in hard disk recovery, hard disk repair, HDD recovery, NAS recovery, recover data from raid, recover deleted files, raid data recovery service, raid drive recovery and more.