We offer the best professional laptop, all apple products, tablets and smartphones repair service in Singapore. In addition, we also service all Apple iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note and also all major brands in the market!  Our labs are fully equipped and manned by our highly trained specialists. We are dedicated to helping you resolve any of your gadget woes!

You can also choose to sell or trade in your working or faulty gadgets to us if repair charges ends up below your expectations!

Here are some common problems that we deal with daily:

  • Faulty motherboard repairs
  • Crack screens replacement for laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Laptop overheating and auto shutdown issues with blue screen (BSOD)
  • No display or white screen issues
  • Distorted display issues
  • Broken or cracked hinges and covers
  • Faulty keyboard replacement
  • Faulty wireless or Lan issues
  • Harddisk replacement
  • Emergency data recovery
  • Optical Drive issues
  • Broken or loose power connector issues
  • Broken or loose audio jack issues
  • Softwares or virus issues, reformatting services
  • RAM upgrades, SSD upgrades, wireless card upgrades