How to keep your MacBook Safe?

How to keep your MacBook Safe?

Security of data is the most important thing these days. Whether it is the data related to your bank accounts or the data related to social media accounts. Keeping in mind these both it becomes very important that we secure the systems that have our data fed into them. Some basic things we all know about securing our systems but we are here with some advanced Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your MacBook Pro so that your system remains secure and also the data within them. Let us get into details and understand the ways in which we can protect not only our system but also the data.

How to keep your MacBook Safe?
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  1. Keep your system Updated: With MacBook’s, it is very important that you keep your system updated so that any update in the security mechanism of Apple will be applied to your system also. Now updating your Mac is also very easy, you have just click on the Apple icon and then select the ‘About this Mac’ option and then on ‘Software installation’ followed by the installation instructions. Once you have updated your system, it will be protected in many ways.
  2. Changing some device settings and Security settings: when you buy an Apple product the default settings of the device are such that will allow Apple and other applications to view and also share your data, this information may have your passwords, contacts, your location and the duration for which you are using the internet. You need to change this default setting. To change this you will have to go in the System preferences and from there you must go to the security and privacy option. Here you will see the general option wherein you can change the automatic login option, you can also change the time after which your system will need the password to log in after the system has gone in sleep mode. Herein you can also change some more settings that you wish to change. All these will make your system further secure.
  3. Anti-virus is a must: Next, in the Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your MacBook Pro we will talk about something which is though very important but is generally ignored, that is the use of Anti-virus for your MacBook. You might wonder, that after discussing the above features do we still need an antivirus. The answer is yes because no matter what but security features of the MacBook are not enough to protect against the potential threats from phishing attacks, keyloggers, malware attack and stuff like this. You need to have a very good Antivirus to protect your system against these threats. Some features that you just keep in mind while choosing an antivirus for your computer is that it should provide real-time protection against malware attack, advanced tools for internet security.
  4. Use a Browser that can protect your privacy: Scratching your head? You might be surprised to know that the most common browser like chrome is not good enough when it comes to the protection of data. In that case, not even Apple’s in-built browser like Safari will be able to help you for long. Some browsers which are capable of keeping your data safe are Brave, Opera and Tor.
  5. Track your ads: If you are not willing to change the browser then you can also use the extension of these browsers and then block the ads from tracking your browsing history. These extensions can also protect you from phishing attacks of any type.
  6. VPN to rescue: you must also make a point to install a Virtual Private Network that will disguise your actual IP address and then your real location will not be trackable by the hackers.
  7. Password Manager or Savior: A password manager is another thing that you can use to secure all types of online transactions. They will not only save your password in a safe way but when required can also generate complex passwords and then memorize them for your convenience.
  8. Two-level of security Authentications: With iCloud, the two layers of authentication will make things and your online activity more secure. The authentication is such that even if someone has your password they still cannot log in to your account. 

The above steps are by far the best Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your MacBook Pro.

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