1. PC Dreams specifically reserves the right, without notification to and permission from the Customer, to change any supplier, process or product named or described herein to a suitable equivalent and to sub-contract or outsource or to assign any or all of our obligations under this Agreement to a suitably qualified third party or third parties.
  2. All of your rights and our obligations under this contract are subject at all times to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations set out herein. Where a procedure is set out, you must follow it or we will not be bound to fulfil any of the terms of this contract or render the Services.
  3. PC Dreams reserves the right to modify the T&C of the Services upon renewal of this Agreement. PC Dreams also reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend or terminate the Services, in full or in part, after notifying the Customer via electronic mail at least 30 (thirty) days preceding the cancellation of service. In the event of cancellation, modification, suspension or termination of the Services by PC Dreams,the Customershall be indemnified proportionately for the period of Services that was not provided.
  4. The Customer’s use of the Services expires 1 (one) to 3 (three)year from the date of activation depending packaged signed.
  5. The Parties agrees thatthemaximumliability incurred by PC Dreams to the Customer arising from this Agreementshallnot exceed the total purchase price paid for the Services.
  6. The service is valid only at Courts selected outlet locations, for the product specifically owned and registered in Customer’s name/serial number and cannot be used for other service requests made through online or other shops. The membership and services are non-transferable.
  7. PC Dreams is granted the right to collect and use the Customer’s personal information in order to perform the Services. PC Dreams complies with current regulations regarding privacy protection and will not release personal data to third parties, except to sub-suppliers or other persons who are involved in providing the service.
  8. The Customer have a period of 24 (twenty four) hours after purchasing the Services to cancel the Services without any penalty or explanation.
  9. The Customeris solely responsible for the identification data (User ID and Password) required to use PC Dreams Services and for any activities which derives from the use of identification data.
  10. During the check in process, only surface diagnosis and physical examination of the device is performed. Certain issues are only identify through full diagnosis. PC Dreams will not be liable for the additional issues identify after full diagnosis of the device.
  11. PC Dreams and its associates (i.e. employees, agents, affiliates, suppliers or distributors) are not liable to the Customer for any lost profits or any other indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damages of any kind, or for any loss that could have been avoided by the damaged party’s use of reasonable diligence, notwithstanding that PC Dreams had been advised or should be aware of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall PC Dreams be liable for any punitive damages.
  12. Validation of Starter package follows Extended Warranty that customers have purchased.

Software policies:

  1. Except as provided in the applicable software end-user license or program license agreement software products, including any software products, freeware or operating systems preinstalled by the manufacturers, or installed by PC Dreams are provided “AS IS” and with all faults.PC Dreams hereby disclaims all other warranties and conditions, either express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, warranties of title and non-infringement, any implied warranties, duties or conditions of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose, and lack of viruses.
  2. PC Dreamsshall not be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits or breach of confidence or business interruption, for personal injury, for loss of privacy arising out of or in any way related to the use or inability to use the software product, notwithstandingPC Dreams being advised of the potential of such damages and notwithstanding the failure of remedies taken.

Maintenance Package Terms and Conditions:

  1. Should the Services loses its functionality arising from a failure during the period of this Agreement as a result of defective parts or workmanship in circumstances that would have been covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (ignoring any expiry due to the passing of time), PC Dreams will assist the Customer in maintaining or restoring functionality by either repairing or, at our election, replacing the Services. The election PC Dreams make in this regard will be by its own discretion.
  2. The Customer is responsible for the backup of all existing data on the Customer’s computer disks and /or drives and remove any confidential, proprietary or personal information, and disconnect media or devices such as CDs, DVDs, PC Cards, or flash drives.
  3. PC Dreams will not be liable for any Data Content uploaded to the Online backup such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc., whether caused by the Customer or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized at the site.
  4. PC Dreams is not liable for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of any electronic or to technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet.
  5. PC Dreams is not liable for any error, omission, interruption, loss, deletion, defect, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of any content that PC Dreams may assist the Customers to upload to online storage.
  6. PC Dreams is not authorized to inspect data stored by the Customerand therefore PC Dreams is not responsible for any illegal data or data that was acquired in an illegal manner.
  7. During the check in process, only surface diagnosis and physical examination of the device is performed. Certain issues are only identify through full diagnosis. PC Dreams will not be liable for the additional issues identify after full diagnosis of the device.
  8. PC Dreams do not promise that the Services will be uninterrupted, error-free, or completely secure. The Customer acknowledges that there are risks inherent in internet connectivity that could result in the loss of the Customer’s privacy, confidential information, and property. PC Dreams disclaim any and all warranties not expressly stated in the Agreement including the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. The Customer is solely responsible for the suitability of the Services chosen. Any voluntary Services PC Dreams may perform for the Customer at the Customer’s request and without any additional charges are provided on an AS IS basis.

Online backup Terms and Conditions:

  1. PC Dreams is act as the facilitator for online backup services. PC Dreams will not be responsible for any error, omission, interruption, loss, deletion, defect, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of any content we assist the Customer to upload to online storage, whether or not PC Dreams’ software or Technician is liable.


    1. The Data Recovery Service (limited to ONE (1) claim for this Services during the Term of this Agreement). If the Device suffers any incident or defect which entitles the Customer to call on PC Dreams to render the Services and as a result of the Services, the Customer cannot access or read the data or information stored on the Customer’s Device, then PC Dreams will attempt, but without warranting the success, to recover the data or information on the Device, using the Seagate Data Recovery protocols and processes, and if PC Dreams is successful, PC Dreams will either restore the data and information to the Device or, at our election, copy any recovered data or information to a USB memory stick (s) or other storage medium(s), which PC Dreams will return to the Customer but without obligation to re-install the data or information. The Device or parts thereof will most likely be damaged or even destroyed during the Data Recovery process. The Customer must make sure that the data and information has been and is backed up regularly to an independent back up storage device. We will not compensate the Customer nor be liable (The Parties agrees that the maximum liability incurred by PC Dreams to the Client arising from this Agreement shall not exceed the total purchase price paid for the Services) for any damage caused only by the rendering of the Data Recovery Service or if the Data Recovery Service is unsuccessful either in whole or part.
    2. PC Dreams do not guarantee that any data or information on the Device will be recoverable. PC Dreams’ obligation and liability with regards to Data Recovery is limited to attempting the Data Recovery as set out herein only and excludes any obligation to attempt data recovery on any tablet. Our obligations and liability to provide any Data Recovery Service under this Agreement will end as soon as PC Dreams have attempted one Data Recovery on the Device.
    3. When making a claim for the rendering of any Service, the Customer must provide PC Dreams with full details of the Customer’s purchase slip, invoice or other reasonably acceptable proof of purchase confirming details of the Device and reflecting the simultaneous purchase of this this Agreement, details of where and when the Customer purchased the Device, details (name, ID number, telephone number and address) as well as the description and serial number of the Device the Customer bought with this Agreement. If cannot locate proof of purchase, PC Dreams will try and assist the Customer to confirm the purchase of the Device and this Agreement with the supplier but do not undertake to be able to do so. The Customer must also give PC Dreams a frank, full and honest account of the incident leading to the claim. If PC Dreams so request at any time, the Customer must send the proof, to our reasonable satisfaction, of any or all of the aforegoing and provide PC Dreams with any further information it reasonably requires before PC Dreams is required to perform any actions or further actions hereunder.
    4. Only timeous valid claims for Services made during the term of this Agreement and made in accordance with the procedures in this Agreement and which are covered by this Agreement and which are not excluded or otherwise limited by the terms hereof will be processed and oblige PC Dreams to render the Services.
    5. In the event that any claim is determined to be a claim not covered by the Indemnity,the Customer is required to pay the excess before the Claim is processed.
    6. Original invoice of the devices need to be presented for internal approval before purchasing SRP with 60 days wait out period.

    Data recovery package does not include data decryption service