Deeply discussing Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+

Many would-be wondering: Is Samsung moving away from Right to Repair with its new launch of S21 series?

But you need not worry because we are going to discuss this topic in detail by providing you with even the tiniest details of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+. So let’s jump in right away!

You must have heard about the Samsung latest experience that is being said to empower you to easily share and connect with state-of-the-art camera and video. The device comprises of bolt view design and streamlined connectivity capabilities. This all new addition to the flagship devices by Samsung is here to empower you to express yourself in the most exclusive way. If we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S 21 in specific then it can be said that this device is loaded with state-of-the-art innovation in order to help you make the most of every moment. This all-new flagship edition debuts a head-turning iconic design and Epic Pro-grade camera for all its users who possess the skill level and the most advanced processor ever in the Galaxy devices. For more than a decade the Samsung Galaxy S series has been successful in delivering groundbreaking performance when it comes to impressing its customers. For all the mobile experiences for the people who rely on their smartphones for expression connection and also entertainment. We would also like to tell in this blog –Is Samsung moving away from Right to Repair with its new launch of the S21 series? that all the users who generally demand a flagship mobile experience that also give you a pro-grade camera in innovation and a top of the line performance at every price point then we can truly say that the Galaxy s21 and the Galaxy S21 plus delivers in this category phenomenally. 

The bold style of the device

Galaxy S21 series

As we told you earlier that the Galaxy s21 has been built for expressions, therefore, the device has been designed for those who want a light device that top a compact 6.2-inch display where the s21 Plus comes with a 6.7-inch display and a larger battery life. With these specifications, it won’t be wrong to say that these devices are perfect for Marathon Gamers and binge watches. When a step further in our research about the specifications of these devices we found that they possess an intelligent edge to EDGE dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display with adaptive 120Hz refresh rate for smooth scrolling and going for the customers. When it comes to User experience it can be said that the display is quite easy on the eyes and it also automatically adjusts the frame rate based on the content whether you are swiping through your social sweets for watching shows. The display does not make your eyes fatigued as it comes with a new icomfort field it is capable to automatically adjust its blue light based on the time of the day and the content that you are viewing. 

Connectivity and performance that delivers

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When talking about the Galaxy s21 it can be said that this device is capable of delivering next-generation performance and seamless connectivity e to the Galaxy system in order to give you more flexibility no matter your routine that you follow you can do it with even more confidence. The device comes with the latest and the most advanced chipset which provides you greater speed energy efficiency and in addition to that, it also gives advanced computing capabilities in order to support 5G connectivity and on device AI. 

It’s no big secret that we all rely on our smartphones more than ever which is the most Prime reason why we are so much in need of protecting sensitive data. As far as the Galaxy s21 is concerned it can definitely be said that this device has been secured by the Samsung KNOX volt which is the brand’s own proprietary chipset level security platform. It adds a new layer to the protection that the s21 provides you by adding tamper-resistant secure memory to our secure processor and thus can be asked Is Samsung moving away from Right to Repair with its new launch of the S21 series?

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What You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

If while looking for samsung s9 repair you stumbled upon the Samsung Galaxy Z flip which is the brand’s second foldable phone and is entirely different from the Galaxy fold. The smartphone has a flip phone style foldable feature and has a 6.7 inch display which folds in half. The Z Flip has a premium design which is a bit better than the fold. Also since the release of this foldable Smartphone there have been numerous comparisons between the Motorola’s Razr and the Z flip. The most significant difference is in the Global pricing of both the flip phones in which the Z flip is significantly cheaper than its contemporary and also offers an overall better package deal.

The smartphone comes packed with Samsung care plus protection, one time screen repair at a discounted price and four month of YouTube premium subscription.

Design and display configurations of the Z flip

The configuration set of the Z flip is comparatively lighter than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Despite being lighter on the hardware specifications and the inbuilt features it is no rocket science that the expensive price of this Z flip Smartphone is due to its foldable feature. The device has been offered by the brand in three colour variants which are black, gold and purple. The finish on the black colour variant gives the device a glass phone like appeal whereas in the Purple and the gold look you will get a blinging finish which gives the device its stunning appeal. The only bugging issue about this is the fingerprints smudges. The front screen is about 1.1 inch interactive AMOLED display which is next to the rear camera setup. The cover display of the device doesn’t leave a lot of space but still it packs the essentials as far as notifications and quick information is concerned.

By now you must be looking forward to exploring more about this device apart from trying to know Samsung S9 repair related information. But it is still unsure if the tiny screen will be able to justify itself in comparison to the bigger display on the Fold and the Moto Razr. When you double tap on the power screen it turns off the camera in order to allow you to take selfies using the cover display. When the Z flip in unfolded then anyone can compare to any traditional Android smartphone if they missed the light crease across the middle of the display. It is the phone’s footprint being smaller when folded which makes it a desirable flip phone. When the device is unfolded it has a candy bar style which makes it different from a mini tablet like Galaxy fold. It has a 6.7 edge full HD plus screen with a supporting aspect ratio of 21.9:9. This feature makes the smartphone look really tall in the hand which is why people with small hands might struggle in order to operate the device especially for tasks like pulling the notification and Quick setting tabs.

Specifications and features

The Z flip has a 12MP f 2.2 Ultra wide camera that works with a 12MP f 1.8 Wide Angle Shooter. The front facing camera is present in a small cutout placed on the display. When the device is in a foldable position a 10MP front facing Shooter is present if the user wishes to take a selfie or wants to have a video call. The Samsung Z flip internal configurations are flagship grade and the device has been powered by 7 NM Snapdragon 855 plus in order to power it that works in companionship with an 8GB of Ram and 256 GB of UFS 3.0 storage. As there is no presence of micro SD slots the users will not be able to expand the memory any further. The device comes packed with a big 3300 mAh battery which is bigger when compared to the Razr’s 2510 mAh cell. By now it is no big secret that a device which has a bigger battery wins the competition and in this case Samsung is the winner. The device supports a 15 watt fast charging over the USB type-c connection and also additionally has a wireless charging support.


It will be quite early to say whether the Samsung Galaxy Z flip is durable or not. It may take some time for the users to get used to the folding and unfolding process in a natural way which by the way felt very smooth when done initially. For all the Samsung S9 repair related services you can consult Digital Hospital and get the desired help.